In nature, the season of winter is a time for rest, recouperation, reflection, and most importantly the only time of the year where we see everything in nature stop and even die. This first month of 2022 we’ve already felt the spirit of winter with the first major snowfall here in Maryland. We experienced stillness. No sounds, no rushing cars. Perhaps you stayed home and watched the snow fall, perhaps you were called out into the snow for work.

In Chinese Medicine, nature is our teacher. We are our healthiest when we are living in accordance with nature, harmonizing ourselves with the seasonal changes as opposed to fighting them. Winter represents the most Yin aspect; the dark, cool, slow, and introspective energy. Now is the time to slow down and conserve, so that you may burst forth as nature does, with new life in the spring. Though you may be still, there is still plenty of work going on beneath the surface. At the deepest levels of our being, deep within, processing is happening. This processing may be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual and is usually at a subconscious level. This depth can at times be frightening, just as one would be frightened to look at or swim out into deep waters.

The depth of winter is an invitation to connect with your inner most thoughts and emotions. To some this process can be overwhelming and contribute to anxiety or depression, and to others it may be a welcomed respite. Be present with yourself during this time, look to nature to guide you, and consider some of the following correspondences to help you attune yourself to the energy of winter. Ask yourself how you can incorporate the taste of winter (salt), pay attention to its sense organs (the kidneys and bladder), and allow yourself to explore the emotion associated with the Water element (will power). You might be surprised by what comes up for you. In this season of restoration, be sure to give yourself permission to indulge in stillness.

Chinese Medical Correspondences and Associations: WINTER








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