Workplace Support Services

Manager/Leader Consultations

As a leader or manager in your business, it is not uncommon to have employees experience ‘real-life’ stressors which may impact work. You may notice challenges impacting interpersonal communication on teams or customer facing interactions becoming impacted. Focused Solutions offers workplace behavioral professionals who can consult with you to develop a helpful plan to support your employees. Take 15 minutes of your time to give us a call to start solutions.

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Site-wide Trainings

Focused Solutions provides has a wide range of trainings applicable to supporting your workplace. We provide up-to-date research and strategies on workplace and interpersonal wellbeing to share with your leaders and employees.

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Workgroup Interventions

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There are times when workgroups benefit from team building activities or in-depth planning on ways to improve work dynamics to build productivity and work velocity. Our workplace specialists are experienced in delivering workgroup interventions tailored to your team’s needs. Whether a small team or a large department, we are able to meet your needs.