Are you living with a teen? Most teenagers change their style, behavior, and friendships as they figure out who they want to be as an adult. However, parents may notice some more significant changes like:  

  1. Increased anger and irritability  
  1. Less time spent with friends and more time alone 
  1. Loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy 
  1. Struggles with concentration 
  1. Changes to their eating/sleeping habits 
  1. More conflict with their friends or significant other 
  1. Changes in attendance or grades at school 

When parents notice these changes in their teen, seeking a meaningful moment of connection can help parents catch struggles before they escalate.  

A meaningful moment is a conversation with your teen where the goals are connection and understanding. This can be achieved in many contexts, like while you’re driving home from soccer practice, on a walk around the neighborhood, or enjoying dessert at your kitchen table.  

Meaningful moments are most generative at a calm time, when both parent and teen are relaxed, rather than mid-argument. They offer an opportunity for the teen to share their perspective and for parents to learn more about what’s important to their child. Meaningful moments are a starting point and can set the stage for ongoing conversations about what’s happening in your teen’s life. 

These types of conversations with your teen can be challenging. Focused Solutions is here to help you cultivate meaningful moments with your teenager. Contact us here for support.