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Focused Solutions is committed to a personalized, evidence-based approach to navigating life challenges and strengthening relationships at home, in the workplace, and within our community.

focused solutions sitewide trainings


We’ll consult with you to develop a strategic, goal-oriented plan to support your employees and achieve a stronger organization. Read more…

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Our online and in-person workshops cover an array of insightful topics, offering tools, techniques, and implementation designed to enhance your well being. Read more…

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Well-being & Mental Health

Our experienced and compassionate providers support you on your journey of self-improvement through counseling, psychotherapy, acupuncture, and more. Read more…

focused solutions sitewide trainings

Sitewide Trainings

You rely on your managers to motivate, lead, and develop their team, which can be even more difficult when employees lack the social and self-awareness to develop effective relationships. Our team-building training is designed to help improve employees’ health & wellness, communication skills, and stress management, while providing up-to-date research and strategies that you can share with your teams.