Learning Institute

Build competence and confidence in your clinical skills through supportive clinical supervision.

Focused Solutions provides a safe space for clinicians to process learning and nurture growth in the field of psychotherapy. Our methodology ensures social workers are equipped with the necessary skills and understanding to deliver competent and ethical social work services.

Realizing the Value of the Learning Institute
Our Learning Institutes aims to bridge the gap between research and practice by providing an interactive process for clinicians to contextualize their learning in authentic practice settings. Through both individual and group cohorts, live and virtual CEU training, and more, you’ll receive emotional support and develop the clinical competency that enhances the value of your practice.

Setting clinicians up to successfully achieve their:

  • Provisional License / Medical Doctorate

  • Independent License

    • LCSW-C
    • LICSW
    • LCSW
    • LCPC
    • LPC

Currently based in DC and Maryland, The Learning Institute is excited to announce our upcoming expansion into Virginia and Tennessee in an effort to better support more clinicians across the country.

We’re improving the quality of care in the mental health field through collaborative, research-based supervision.