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Introducing INFocus, Focused Solutions’ new video library, where you will find talks on various subjects pertaining to mental health and well-being. Click on the video for more information, and click “Join INFocus” for access to our video vault!

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Breathing Strategies

Sometimes, just “taking a deep breath” isn’t enough. Join Sharon Light, LCSW-C as she highlights the importance of regulating your breathing using five different breathing techniques. Watch all the videos in this series to find a breathing strategy that’s right for you.

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Reframing Thoughts

Changing thoughts can be tricky, but sometimes it’s the key to seeing things differently. Join Don Winkler, LCSW as he discusses what it means to change your thoughts, and just how to do so. Be sure to check out other videos in the series for more examples of how reframing thoughts can help.

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