Collaborative Consultation Services for Hospitality Workers

In an industry contingent on accommodating the demands of others and performing at high levels for advancement, it’s no surprise that more than four out of every five hospitality workers report increased stress levels. In a role dedicated to exceeding expectations, being resilient, staying focused, and managing stress is key.

But many restaurant and hotel leadership teams in the restaurant and hotel industries can have a hard time understanding their staff members. They struggle recognizing the signs of stress within teams while working under the pressure of a high-pace environment. But these environments commonly cause front office staff to burn out quickly and lead to high levels of stress and lower engagement.

Are you looking for better ways to coach your front line employees around stressful situations?

Research shows that salary and bonuses are not the only aspects to maintain happy and engaged employees. If you’re looking to increase staff engagement Focused Solutions assists employees’ ability to sustain their creative thinking and increase morale in these fast-paced environments. We provide the support that preserves the innovative mindset necessary to make important business decisions that generate increased revenue amidst the pressure to thrive. Our consultants support the wellbeing and health of employees that help them adjust to the demand of a volatile, ever-changing market.

Focused Solutions offers training and coaching as to how to practice supportive supervisory skills to engage employees and assist with morale. Developing EQ and interacting with employees while balancing the business needs is key. Responding to the demand to continue to develop creative and innovative ways to please the guest is vital for hospitality businesses and managers who are engaged with their teams and model healthy communication and behaviors impact both the seen and unseen bottom line.

Boosting productivity & morale in high-stress, ever-changing markets.


We have a special assessment to help you if you are experiencing trauma in the workforce.

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