Human Services

Human Services

Improving Productivity & Well-Being in Human Services Workplaces

Workers in the human services industry face a multitude of challenges in today’s highly complex market. From increasing workloads and scope of practice to emerging technologies, the level of compassion, expertise, and emotional strength required to deliver as a trusted guide throughout the healthcare journey is higher than ever.

How does Focused Solutions assist Human Services organizations?

At Focused Solutions, we believe that the nature of human services work is extremely unique and many employees who enter the field have a calling to help others. So we are here to ensure they’re looking after their own well-being and mental health in the same way.

Over decades of experience, we’ve seen Human Service leaders truly benefit from highly skilled leadership coaching from culturally competent professionals, as well as the positive impact of mental health services on workplace morale and performance at every level. From compassion fatigue management, Employee Assistant Programs, well-being coaching, and more, our counselors help your team recognize the unique challenges that impact their daily work lives and create solutions to overcome them more meaningfully.

Helping leaders & employees navigate the unique challenges of serving others.


We have a special assessment to help you if you are experiencing trauma in the workforce.

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