Defense Contractors

Defense Contractors

Counseling & Support for Aerospace & Defense Contractors

Emerging technologies and automation have prompted a tremendous shift in the needs of today’s aerospace and defense workforce. But as the digital qualifications of these professionals increase, so do talent shortages. As a result, many individuals in this industry are pushed to the limits in terms of workloads and deadlines, taking a massive toll on the mental health and well being of those in the field.

How can we help our defense teams manage workplace challenges and stress?

At Focused Solutions, our experienced providers work with you to find unique ways to support your workforce. Whether it be addressing the tone of messaging or thinking outside of the box to support current resources, we will assist your organization in breaking down unnecessary barriers which historically prevented employees from seeking mental health services.

Helping leaders break down barriers to build resilience.


We have a special assessment to help you if you are experiencing trauma in the workforce.

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