Mental Health Counseling & Support for Military Service Members

The level of physical demand, stress, and trauma that our service members face while deployed is incomparable to any other. As a result, many of these brave men and women face the highest rates of depression, anxiety, sleep and adjustment disorders of any profession when they return home. Mental health is just as important to military life as physical health, and it’s extremely important for military leaders to recognize the signs and address the challenges early on.

Why is mental health counseling and support so important to military members?

At Focused Solutions, we aim to help lessen these mental burdens by understanding how they can contribute to hazardous conditions and lethal results. We believe Command Teams can improve the overall mental acuity of their Squads by paying attention to the aspects of well-being and creating a culture to coordinate the right resources for all. From providing training programs for leadership, providing educational campaigns on mental health, and more, we can help deliver on each service member’s needs.

Even if you’ve left the military decades ago or you’re not even sure if you’re experiencing symptoms, it’s never too late to improve your life with the right support. Mental health treatment can help veterans of the armed forces find well being and create a better future for themselves and their families.

Giving Command Teams the tools they need to recognize & address mental health challenges in military teams.


We have a special assessment to help you if you are experiencing trauma in the workforce.

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