Health & Well-being Counseling Services for Healthcare Providers

From long and often unpredictable schedules to intensely stressful situations and consistent exposure to suffering and death, healthcare workers have always endured some of the most challenging working conditions. Increased workloads due to staffing and equipment shortages of recent years have only amplified these cases.

From the pandemic to emerging technologies driving organizational and industry changes, the last five years have been especially volatile for providers. But the Focused Solutions team has proven a responding resilience for our patients. We’ve made it our mission to provide collaborative and compassionate support through expert counseling and resources that help these workers navigate the unique challenges they face.

How can your leadership team prepare healthcare providers for organizational changes?

Our coaches can support your team in the field, providing quick and concrete strategies in the critical moments that can define the day’s outcomes. Whether it’s providing training for your workplace or individual counseling sessions, we help healthcare professionals navigate the challenges of a fast-paced, unpredictable work environment, ensuring their own health and well-being remains a priority in every situation.

Creating Resilience Among Your Healthcare Teams


We have a special assessment to help you if you are experiencing trauma in the workforce.

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