Police/First Responders

Police/First Responders

Mental Health Counseling & Support for First Responders

Given the high-intensity nature of their work and consistent exposure to natural or human-caused disasters, industry responders experience a wide range of health and mental health consequences on a daily basis. In a profession where depression and anxiety is highly prevalent, protecting the health of these individuals is a vital part of preserving the continuity of our national security and functions.

Are there competent health counselors specifically for cops?

The providers at Focused Solutions have a deep understanding in how shifts and families are imperative to supporting policing culture. We offer specific training surrounding the jobs’ life cycle and the impact of moral injury, trauma, and the state of training to support vitality both in critical situations and in their everyday lives.

Our counselors are skilled in helping these professionals respond to critical situations with cultural competence that supports the strong sense of situational awareness and in-the-moment skill set necessary to succeed, while increasing resilience and reducing the risk of behavioral health problems in high-stress situations.

Building mental resilience & awareness in critical situations.


We have a special assessment to help you if you are experiencing trauma in the workforce.

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