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Mindful Technology

You’re out to dinner with your family, and you feel the all-too-familiar buzz of the phone in your pocket...   Is it a work email? A text from a friend? Maybe it’s another spam call trying to convince you the warranty on your car is about to expire. Regardless, ... Read More

What is Wintering?

The days are finally starting to get longer, but there’s still a lot of winter ahead.   In many parts of the country, winter brings with it more cold, darkness, and gloomy weather. The holiday season can offer a helpful distraction from winter’s impact on our mood, but now ... Read More

Work and Home Life: A Balancing Act

Are you struggling to set boundaries between work and home life? The same technology you use for work can be a helpful tool for turning off when you’re not at work, even if that’s still at your kitchen table. A couple features you can use are: 1. Automatically ... Read More

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