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Maintaining Productivity During Uncertain Times

Photo credit: Shutterstock Images It is understood that productivity is a priority for workplaces. The pandemic has challenged employers to quickly pivot their operations while limiting impact on workplace productivity. Some organizations have experienced rates of work output remain stable or increase during the pandemic. Others have seen employee's productivity struggle in the face of unprecedented stressors such as limited privacy, social unrest, mental health struggles, family demands, or the fear of getting sick. These are only but a few situations which ... Read More

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: How Knowing the Myths Can Lead to Greater Understanding

Photo credit: Shutterstock Images September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. During this month, there is a focus on educating the public on a topic that is considered taboo despite its prevalence. According to the American Association of Suicidality, suicide ranks as the tenth cause of death in the United States. The truth is suicide affects ... Read More

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