Collaborative Counseling & Therapy for Higher Education

Shaping young minds does not come without its challenges, especially when the bar for academic excellence continues to rise. Faculty and staff in higher education often face heavy workloads and deadline pressures, juggling multiple priorities that go beyond basic work responsibilities, from teaching and administrative tasks to student support, often without the same level of support in return. As a result, the American Council on Education reported that student and employee health and well-being are top-of-mind- challenges for presidents and institutions.

How does mental health counseling services help professors and faculty?

Our expert providers provide strategies to help institutions create a culture of enhanced well-being for their faculty, so they can continue to create a positive learning environment for their students. Through a goal-focused, evidence-based approach and proper training, we can help your staff deal with stress and conflict more effectively to better manage feelings of burnout and increase their potential for more positive outcomes.

Prioritizing well-being & stress management on campuses & in classrooms.

Questions higher education leaders can ask:

  • Where have we already incorporated work/life flexibility? How can this be incorporated into the future?
  • How can we emphasize a focus on employee productivity instead of the typical 40-hour work week mentality?
  • How do we continue to leverage technology to enhance productivity and create flexibility for your employees?
  • How are we ensuring that our policies, practices, and language also extend the same family flexibility and expectations to both women and men?

For more support from experienced and compassionate higher education workplace counselors, Focused Solutions is here to help.


We have a special assessment to help you if you are experiencing trauma in the workforce.

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