In this transition from a prolonged period of stress to re-establishing more consistent routines, lies an opportunity to intentionally incorporate day-to-day self-care.

Investing in self-care can help you build resilience, sustain focus at work, improve your overall wellness, and increase your satisfaction with both work and home life.  

Often, self-care is presented as just another chore you have to check off your list. However, self-care doesn’t have to mean making big changes or devoting a lot of time in order to reduce stress and be more present in your life.  

Here are three tips for weaving self-care into your life:  

  1. Look for small, sustainable routine shifts that help you take care of your physical and mental wellness. Maybe it’s a short walk around the block during your lunch to stretch your legs, or setting out what you need the night before, so your morning isn’t as rushed. Regardless, look for simple ways to make small changes so that the benefits can be sustained over time.  
  1. Establish boundaries within work and between work and home. While at work, set aside blocks of time to complete projects that require sustained focus. When you’re at home, silence work-related notifications so you’re able to be fully present in your home life.  
  1. Seek opportunities for genuine connection. Take the lead on building relationships with others. Practice active listening, empathy, and humility in conversations so others feel included and safe to share.  

With just these small adjustments, you can start to notice significant changes in how you experience your day-to-day. At Focused Solutions, our providers can offer support in creating an impactful self-care plan. Check out our wellness services here