Photo credit miti from Unsplash

More often we are responding to increasing demands leading to more ‘to-dos’. Navigating the ‘hecticness’ of life can result in feeling overwhelmed or fatigued.  Eliminating demands in our personal and/or work lives may not be the answer at all times. Finding small spaces in your day for a quick revitalizer can offer an important shift in mindset and energy. 

Brief revitalizers are moments you find during the day to do something for yourself. The activity, while not massive, does give you a chance to breathe. These activities do not have to cost money and can take less than five minutes!

Here are ten suggested brief revitalizers that you can use to take a moment to yourself:

  1. Take a five-minute walk
  2. Grab a glass of water or make a cup of tea
  3. Take a moment to stretch
  4. Read a funny meme-laughter has proven to help reduce stress. 
  5. Take ten deep breaths, remembering to focus only on your breath at that time
  6. Try a quick guided meditation. There are plenty of apps and videos available to help with this!
  7. Write your feelings in a journal 
  8. Play music that helps you shift your energy, relaxing or upbeat depending.
  9. Listen to a podcast that inspires you. You can do this before, during, or after tasks
  10. Make a ‘ta-dah’ list at the end of each day to see how much you did get done, even if it’s one item on the list…you did it

This is only a brief list of the things you can do to revitalize yourself during the day. There are many more activities you can do to help you through those stressful moments in the day.  

For insight on brief revitalizers or to learn more about how we at Focused Solutions can help you navigate life’s unique challenges together, contact us today.