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September is National Self-Improvement Month, which offers an opportunity to embark on a journey of purposeful change. Change can be a challenge however when we plan and work with the change-making process, the experience can be fulfilling, enlightening, and liberating. 

There are myriad personal and professional reasons one might embark on a journey of self-improvement. Whether increasing empathy, becoming a more effective listener, enhancing mental health, or improving leadership skills, self-improvement adds to overall well-being 

The decision to make a change is a part of the first step. The following tips offer suggestions of how to navigate the self-improvement change process: 

  • Understand your motivation for change. Knowing the underlying reason for the change is a great start! Is the desired outcome to earn an external award (raise or promotion) or to improve an enjoyable skill? Being aware of where the motivation comes from can help stay engaged in the next steps. 
  • Stay accountable. Setting SMART goals- specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound helps see progress as well as offers motivation to achieve the larger goal. 
  • Plan for unexpected interruptions.  Navigating unexpected interruptions offers an opportunity to re-evaluate, revise, or extend the timeframe of the goal. Managing self-expectations is a priority when working on self-improvement. 
  • Practice grace and gratitude. When unexpected interruptions occur, it is ok to treat yourself with kindness. Remember, you cannot influence every aspect of life. Unexpected things can and do happen. Remembering to take the time to notice and reflect on the things that are going well shifts to a more optimistic mindset, which is important when working through self-improvement!

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