Family Fun Month rolls around in August each year. With the month serving as the golden hour of summer, make the most of it by surrounding yourself with your loved ones and enjoying their company; take a break and enjoy the last few weeks of summer before the chaos of school, extracurriculars and work take priority.

Here’s some ideas to help:

Take a trip

Whether it’s a local staycation, camping trip, road trip, or an actual getaway to someplace completely different, there’s nothing like a change of scenery to rejuvenate. Trips provide the best opportunities for making memories that will last a lifetime, so get planning.

Learn something new

Like with team-building activities, families can try something completely new by learning a new skill together. Be it cooking, a new language, or a craft, there are many options out there.

Observe unique August holidays

Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, National S’mores Day, or International Friendship Day to inspire your own family holiday.

Other activities families can do together include:

  • Limiting Screen Time: Find a time each day where everyone puts down their phone, disengages from social media and simply focuses on talking and sharing with each other.
  • Getting Outdoors: Before the cold, short days of winter arrive, take time to explore the world outdoors – walking, hiking, having a picnic, or simply taking in the sights and sounds can be greatly beneficial for everyone – physically and mentally.
  • Getting Artsy: Whether it be sketching, using sidewalk chalk or painting, let your inner artist out and see what great masterpieces you can create together.
  • Discovering Culinary Delights: Let each person pick their favorite restaurant to visit, try a new restaurant or explore new cuisines.

Regardless of the activity you choose, the focus should be on simply enjoying the moment and connecting with each other.