Practitioner Supervision

Refine your social work skills and improve self awareness through a collaborative and supportive process purposefully designed to help you deliver the most value to your clients.

Our supervision services employ various methods to meet the needs of entry-level and experienced practitioners:

  • Developmental
  • Integrative
  • Process
  • Competency-based
  • Social Role
  • Functional
  • Psychotherapy-based
  • Applications of Therapeutic Modalities

Supervision is essential to your success

Research shows that adequate clinical supervision can mitigate the risk of burnout, facilitate staff retention, and improve the overall work environment. Supervision offers practitioners ongoing opportunities to enhance their practice with greater effectiveness, safety, and ethics. For organizations, it ensures systematic professional development to help ensure high-quality client care.

Our supervision benefits:

  • LG/LM Licensees

  • Intern therapists
  • Clinicians desiring competency training
  • Clinicians on probation
  • Clinicians who would like additional clinical guidance

All supervision is conducted by Approved Clinical Supervisors that meet the highest level of credentialing in their state.

Focused Solutions offers a formal process of professional support, reflection and learning that contributes to individual and organizational development.