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The pandemic has changed so much in our lives. These changes now include the return to learning for our children. In the past, when hearing the phrase “back to school,” you might have thought of school supply lists, new clothes, and the new adventures your children would embark on in their learning journey. Instead, we have more questions than answers.

The uncertainty surrounding the upcoming school year can become a source of stress and anxiety. While these feelings are uncomfortable, they are normal. The good news is, there are things you can do to cope! Here are three quick tips to help cope with uncertainty:

1. Recognize and accept your feelings.  Right now, the future is unpredictable, leading to feelings that may seem unfamiliar or lead to discomfort. Taking a moment to sit to recognize your feelings and your bodily response is the first step in managing these feelings. Once you can name and acknowledge it, you can then accept it. Remember, feelings are not good or bad. Feelings are only feelings.

2. Influence the things you can influence. While many things are outside of your control, there are things for which you can make plans. Here are some questions can consider when making plans:

  • What might it look like for your child(ren) to return to in-person learning? 
  • What would/could virtual learning look like this year? 
  • Can you plan for a hybrid learning model? 

Making plans can help you deal with unpredictability! You can also include your child(ren) in the planning process to help them cope with feelings of uncertainty. 

3. Find activities to help you cope. Finding peace in times of uncertainty is possible! There are plenty of activities you can engage or disengage in that will help. Activities may include walking or other types of exercise, incorporating mindfulness into your day, monitoring and moderating social media and news intake, practicing gratitude, etc. 

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